Retail industry and preventable losses go hand in hand. After all, retail loss prevention is essentially an industry unto itself, a striving, desperate attempt to cut down on all the theft and mismanagement that plagues retail circles. We’re no stranger to this Wild West bonanza of operating in this field. Ten years of experience has brought us up close and personal to the veritable war that the retail business wages to keep its head afloat and its graphs in the green. We not only seek to give you a quality product, but also the most cost-efficient one, utilizing equipment such as eye-level cams, aisle cams, overview cams, and employee management and access control tools. Whether it’s a mall, shopping center, or box store, we’ve seen it.

A poorly construed surveillance system might as well be a part of the problem! We here at S3 Security Systems have seen it, and our track record in the field will ensure that your retail business is not tying itself to another anchor, but instead getting the best surveillance and service available.

One of the best solutions for retail surveillance is the fisheye camera. With one of these, you can get a bird’s eye look that encompasses a very large field of view. In a retail space this means seeing down a number of aisles at the same time.


Day/Night cameras can ensure not only night-time surveillance in the after-hours, but they help keep your employees safe!


Point-of-sale cameras can keep track of employees to prevent theft and various forms of skimming. Not just physically capture them — these cameras, if linked to the register, can also quickly keep track of and alert you to odd transactions.


Lost items or even people are common in the retail environment. We offer security cameras with technological options such as lost object identifiers and foot traffic trackers.


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    They were also top knotch.

    Just spent some time with Anthony reviewing my purchase - The people here are great helpful folks. Earlier I had spoke to two other employees and they also were top notch. Looking forward to getting the stuff I ordered and feel confident they will assist me with any technical questions that may come up. I wish all current businesses had equal customer service. Many Thanks!

    S3 Security Systems is simply about providing the best surveillance solutions possible at the best prices possible. With ten years of experience it would be easy to say things have gotten routine, but they haven’t! We take on every job as the unique problem it is. Our customers demand the best from us, because that is what they’ve come to expect, and because that is exactly what we strive to deliver! So if you have any questions about what we are about, or the vast array of services we provide, give us a call!

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    With access to over 100 security brands and partnerships with the industries top manufacturers, it’s easy to see why we are a trusted name in security. Our staff has working knowledge on virtually every reputable software and hardware company in the industry. Some of the manufactureres we work with include Acti, Arecont, Axis, Bosch, Geovision, Pelco, LTS, Samsung, and Vivotek. Our ratings speak for themselves. Let us show you why we’ve been trusted by thousands of customers including home owners and fortune 500 companies.

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    We only use high grade commercial quality hardware that lasts a long time and is very reliable so you can focus on running your business. Let one of our experts design a custom tailored system to protect your business. We strategically place HD cameras in areas most targeted by intruders.