Case Study: Sea-based Oil Derricks

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Project background,

What challenges in your industry led you to seeking a security solution?

Obviously, drilling for oil is a difficult industry. If tripping pipe through the Earth wasn’t hard enough, try doing it out at sea!


What were the limitations of your old system? (If any.)

It wasn’t necessarily the limitations so much as the potential for what could be better. Technology had moved ahead in terms of quality and we simply wanted that – better resolution, better frame rates, etc.


What were the criteria for selecting the specific equipment that you did?

This isn’t typical, but we wanted cameras of excellent quality, obviously, but also camera housings that would be resistant to the inclement weather conditions we deal with on the rigs. Sea water has a powerful corrosive effect on basically everything on the rig. For a few of the cameras, we wanted stainless steel setups and we got just that! (S3 note: these housings also used a nylon mesh.)

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Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about S3 Security.

They were knowledgeable and well-experienced. We don’t just boat anyone out to a rig and anything we do there is going to be costly enough to want it done right the first time.

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After the installation of the security system, how has it helped your business? Has it enhanced procedures, reduced costs in anyway, or saved the time of your employees?

Look, it didn’t perform a miracle at sea, but it’s doing exactly what we wanted it to do. The images are better and the cameras are staying live against the sea conditions.


How was your experience with S3 Security? Would you recommend our solution to your peers?

Yes, of course. Their work and contributions were much appreciated.

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