Harmony Public School – A Case Study in Security Surveillance

Harmony Public School is a college prep charter school for high performing K-12 students. It is a non-profit that focuses on math, science, engineering, and computer technologies.


The Security Challenge
A school is a place where children are supposed to spend their time learning, playing, and socializing. It is where we develop as human beings, so of course it also needs to be a place where we security should be expected. Ensuring the safety of its students is the highest of priorities for any school. Of course, monitoring thousands of square feet in real-time is no easy task.


To meet this challenge, Harmony Public School installed a QNAP VioStor NVR surveillance system. Using a VS-8032U-RP NVR capable of handling up to 32 channels of high-def network cameras, the school had instantly developed enormous if not total situation awareness.
With the construction of a new classroom wing, the school sought to install an additional 26 cameras.

S3: The Security Solution
“When our customer called us with the idea of expanding onto the second floor, there was no question in our mind or theirs that we would be using VioStor NVR from QNAP Security,” said Matt Wilson, integrator at S3 Security Systems.

Continued use of QNAP equipment simply made the most sense. We here at S3 Security Systems then gave Harmony Public School a number of options to roll with. Not only were suggestions meant for the here and now, we also proposed systems that would help handle any future expansions in the school. One unit of QNAP’s VS-6020 Pro was installed, powered by a dual-core Intel Atom processor. These were placed in a mechanical closet on the 2nd floor to help better manage the additional 20 new IP cameras. The other 6 new IP cameras were designated to be managed by the existing VS-8032U-RP. This was done using the QNAP “multi-server monitoring” feature, allowing the VS-6020 Pro to monitor and record videos from the new cameras while also viewing everything captured on the existing NVR. This centralized the entire security system into one place.
Applying VioStor NVR’s web-based administration interface, Harmony Public School was able to utilize the web browser on any computer or mobile app on campus – security access permitting, of course. Alongside a user-friendly interface, QNAP’s ease of functionality made it a great fit once again.
The VMobile app allowed Harmony security administrators to remotely check in on the surveillance footage with live streaming. This is great because, obviously, not everyone can sit at a computer monitor at all times of the day or night. (Applicable to iOS or Android devcies.)


Harmony Public School’s promised commitment to public safety has been kept. The QNAP VS-8032U-RP and the VS-6020 Pro continue stable operations. For future needs, Harmony Public School has QNAP Security’s knowledgeable support staff to lean on, as well as the help of S3 Security Systems.