Case Study: Solar

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What challenges in your industry led you to seeking a security solution?

Heh. Well, some of our solar panels are just about five miles from nowhere. When your equipment is in such places, it’s NOT that hard for someone to come by and try and take them. Far more common than theft is just simple damage – people throwing rocks at ‘em, knocking him around with sticks, beer cans, etc. (You’d be surprised.) (S3 note: We weren’t surprised.)

What were the limitations of your old system? (If any.)

Didn’t have [a system in place].


What were the criteria for selecting the specific equipment that you did?

We needed something that could record and store footage. But, perhaps more importantly, we needed something that could survive vandalism and Mother Nature.


Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about S3 Security.

Our own research showed them as one of the better options. Mostly, though, it was just talking to them that did it for us. They showed experience and knowledge and not once seemed as though they were hiding something or being short with us. We appreciated that just as much we did the equipment and installations!

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After the installation of the security system, how has it helped your business? Has it enhanced procedures, reduced costs in anyway, or saved the time of your employees?

Once the cameras went up, incidents of vandalism nosedived. Furthermore, we now occasionally capture footage of other issues that might plague the solar panels. Sometimes we’d run into issues with the panels and have to be real gumshoes to nail down what exactly happened. With the recorded footage we can get a much better look at what occurred.


How was your experience with S3 Security? Would you recommend our solution to your peers?

Yes of course we would. The experience was great. They were smart, on time, and on point.