Case Study: Fort Worth Scrapyard

Birds Eye V1

What challenges in your industry led you to seeking a security solution?

Scrapyards are often targeted by thieves and other bull****. We wanted at least something to put a stop to it.


What were the limitations of your old system? (If any.)

Homemade and ill-prepared for the difficulties we’d have on the security front.


What were the criteria for selecting the specific equipment that you did?

Coverage! The scrapyard has tons of blind spots and angles for people to slip in and out. One of the issues we kept having with our older system was that we just couldn’t always track a thief completely through whatever it was they were doing. Knowing there was a thief there, but not being sure exactly what they were up to is extremely frustrating. Additionally, after making a rather poor hire, we wanted cameras to keep a steady watch on our own employees.


Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about S3 Security.

We went local and saw that they had strong and consistent reviews. (S3 note: our reviews are also verified.)




After the installation of the security system, how has it helped your business? Has it enhanced procedures, reduced costs in anyway, or saved the time of your employees?

Well, it did its job. We wanted better coverage and that’s what we ended up with. Obviously, it’s hard to nail down exactly what is doing good when you’re a small business, but we’ve undoubtedly seen a sharp decline in theft since putting the cameras up. My thinking is that the thieves thought we were an easy target, but now know we’re prepared and so they go looking elsewhere. We can trust our workers more now, too. I’d wager that it’s had a beneficial effect there as turnover has gone down.


How was your experience with S3 Security? Would you recommend our solution to your peers?

Good. We asked for a lot and they delivered. I most appreciate their structuring of the surveillance itself – they were a huge help in getting all the angles covered.