Case Study: San Angelo Police Department

What challenges in your industry led you to seeking a security solution?

This particular challenge was finding a way to record – audio and visual – our interrogation rooms.

What were the limitations of your old system? (If any.)

The wiring was horrendous and the equipment too. Combined, it just wasn’t working for us.

What were the criteria for selecting the specific equipment that you did?

We wanted it to work, obviously, but we wanted the images to be clear and the audio crisp.

Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about S3 Security.

We went with fellow Texans. There were a number of choices, but we decided to go with S3. Obviously, being Texan alone isn’t some measure of quality. Their reviews were also outstanding and we reached out to others about their work. (S3 note: our reviews are verified.)



After the installation of the security system, how has it helped your business? Has it enhanced procedures, reduced costs in anyway, or saved the time of your employees?

Well, the procedure we were looking to improve was the quality of interrogation recordings. We also had a room for lie detections and that, too, was also being recorded. Both rooms often require reviewing.


How was your experience with S3 Security? Would you recommend our solution to your peers?

Great. It was a simple job, but you’d be surprised how often a ‘simple’ job can go terribly wrong. There’s a reason we were asking for a second look at this problem, and I don’t think we’ll be having to ask for a third.